The NCRF Northern Cape member stations (RTS FM, Radio Riverside, Radio Kaboesna, Radio NFM, Radio Ulwazi and Kurara FM) will be meeting in Upington, Northern Cape,for three days (09 – 11/05/2018). The conference will amongst other things discuss the sector successes and challenges, pave a way forward through a coordinated, inclusive strategic plan development for the next 5 years expected to be endorsed by all members and elect a new provincial structure to lead the organisation.

Provincial Chairperson of the NCRF Northern Cape, Mr Garth Damerell, said that issues of signal distribution will be high on the agenda with the ongoing discussions between the Minister of Communications, Nomvula Mokonyane and other stakeholders seeking a permanent solution to challenges encountered by the community radio sector countrywide as it relates to unaffordable signal distribution costs. Damerell said that in the Northern Cape currently the three radio stations that are grappling with high costs of SENTECH are Radio NFM, Kurara FM and Revival FM (non-member) and that it is expected that the conference will be briefed with regard to the progress made since the last engagement, by the representative of the Department of Communications that will be attending. Damerell said further “we are happy that during the conference which is wholly-funded by the NCRF Northern Cape, we will also be providing our member stations with transmission equipment, office equipment like laptops, studio and outside broadcast equipment, branding material to the total value of R240.000”. Damerell said that each station will receive support from the NCRF Northern Cape for an amount of R40.000 and station decided what their needs are which the NCRF Northern Cape supported. He said it was a pleasure serving the member stations as chairperson and that the new leadership must ensure that they always listens to the needs of the member stations to ensure collective growth of the sector in the Northern Cape and ultimately the country.

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