About Us

The National Community Radio Forum (NCRF) is a national, membership-based association of community radio stations and support service organisations. Radio station members are independent non-profit community based organisations, owned and managed by diverse local communities who actively participate in the development of programming activities for sustainable non-discriminatory local development.
The NCRF was established in 1993 to lobby for the diversification of the airwaves in South Africa and to promote the development and growth of the community radio sector.
The NCRF Northern Cape currently has 6 member stations as affiliates.
The NCRF Northern Cape exist in its own right, separately from its members and will continue to exist even when its membership changes and there are different office bearers.
THE NCRF Northern Cape Aims to :
• Develop Sustainable Funding Models for the Radio Stations in the Province.
• Provide Capacity Building and Content Generation Designs at Stations.
• Assist stations in developing Skills Retention Strategies.
• Provide a platform for sharing experiences and resources.
• Have agreed standardised policies for stations in the Province.
• Have structures in place to conduct Skills Audits for all stations in the province

Get In Touch
Cell : 0788 9372 93
Office : 054 – 332 1775/054 – 331 3245
Fax : 054 – 332 1775
Physical Address : 03 Robinson Street, Upington, 8800
Web : www.ncrfnortherncape.org.za

To book a campaign email : bookings@ncrfnortherncape.org.za

To send order numbers email : invoices@ncrfnortherncape.org.za

To send press/media statements email : media@ncrfnortherncape.org.za

To contact the NCRF NC Chairperson email : chairperson@ncrfnortherncape.org.za

To contact the NCRF NC Secretary email : secretary@ncrfnortherncape.org.za